1. Introduction
  2. Welcome

Thank you for checking out Vessel, your support means a tremendous amount to us! Take a look around, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to support@vessel.land. Access to the API can be requested via our website.

Why Use Vessel?

Vessel is a Unified API that provides standardized endpoints for performing operations on common objects in CRM and Sales Engagement systems. Vessel also provides a drop-in FE authentication component that handles connecting to your customer’s end system. Once you’ve setup Vessel, your customers will automatically gain access to integrations as we add support for them with no additional code needed on your end.

About Our Endpoints

The Vessel API can be queried via HTTP REST endpoints. We follow standard HTTP authentication, response codes, and verbs. Our API accepts JSON-encoded request and responses which are all documented here. All requests must be made via https and all requests should be made to https://api.vessel.land/.

Current Integrations

If you’re in need of an integration that we don’t currently support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Sales Engagement Platforms

Our philosophy

Before diving into the specifics of how to use our API, we wanted to detail some of the core tenets backing the decisions we made while designing the specification.

Depth over breadth

There are many approaches to universal APIs, some choose to tackle specific verticals, others choose to offer a large variety of integrations. Each approach has tradeoffs and we want to make it clear which path we’re going down. In our case, we chose depth because we believe that powerful applications need powerful and rich integrations.

Follow best practices, deliver simplicity

We didn’t try to reinvent the wheel when it came to designing our API. Our focus is on providing the absolute best developer experience possible and delivering the most integrated and deep universal APIs that ever existed. You’ll see familiar terms like accessToken, linkToken, HTTP verbs, and others. These patterns were followed to offer the most intuitive experience possible and we strive to build simplicity for our devs.

Security, security, security

Security is important for all companies, but for companies like us where credentials handling is core to the business, security is king. Thus, when designing this API, we made sure security was front and center. We used industry standards and existing paradigms when designing our authentication system, but if you believe we missed anything please reach out to our dedicated security email security@vessel.land and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

These principles guide our API design and implementation. We are always open to feedback, especially when it comes to our API; so please don’t hestitate to reach out for suggestions or concerns.


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